Active Passive(Active and passive voice worksheet)

active passive

active passive Active and passive voice worksheet active passive

Rewrite the following changing the active sentences to passive and passive sentences to active.
1. The thieves have been arrested by the police.
2. The marvelous performance delivered by the children enthralled us

3. He has been invited to their party.
4. We have shipped your order.
5. The girl recited the poem beautifully.
6. The guests enjoyed the party.

7. The child impressed everyone with his polite manners.
8. A girl from Chennai won the first prize.
9. The readers like the latest book of the writer.
10. They are painting the walls.
11. The car has been fixed by the mechanic.
12. She accepted their invitation with pleasure.

active passive (active passive) active passiveactive passive

1. The police have arrested the thieves.
2. We were enthralled by the marvelous performance delivered by the children.
3. They have invited him to their party.
4. Your order has been shipped by us.
5. The poem was beautifully recited by the girl.
6. The party was enjoyed by the guests.
7. Everyone was impressed with the polite manners of the child.
8. The first prize was won by a girl from Chennai.
9. The latest book of the writer is liked by the readers.
10. The walls are being painted by them.
11. The car mechanic has fixed the car.
12. Their invitation was accepted (by her) with pleasure.

active passive

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. I have finished the passive

2. They built this house in 1990.

3. He has bought a new car.

4. I wrote a letter.

5. They sent the parcel on Monday.

6. The police caught the thief yesterday.

7. She baked a cake.

8. I read a book.

9. She gave the beggar a five rupee coin.

10. The teacher praised the boy.

11. Everyone liked the idea.

12. Alice sang a song.

13. The dog bit the farmer.

14. He was painting the roof.

15. They were writing their exam.

16. Our team will win the first prize.

17. I am writing a story.


1. The job has been finished by passive

2. This house was built by them in 1990.

3. A new car has been bought by him.

4. A letter was written by me.

5. The parcel was sent on Monday.

6. The thief was caught by the police yesterday.

7. A cake was baked by her.

8. A book was read by me.

9. The beggar was given a five rupee coin (by her).

10. The boy was praised by the teacher.

11. The idea was liked (by everyone).

12. A song was sung by passive

13. The farmer was bitten by the dog.

14. The roof was being painted by him.

15. Their exam was being written by them.

16. The first prize will be won by our team.

17. A story is being written by me.

active                                                                             passive

The hunter killed the lion.                                               The lion was killed by the hunter.

Someone has cleaned the windows.                              The windows have been cleaned.

They called off the meeting                                          The meeting was called off.

His grandmother looked after him                              He was looked after by his grandmother

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